Healing Foods…More Greens Please!

Healing Foods...More Greens Please!

Hi Friends,
I am writing with elation to tell you that I am finally overcoming my chronic illness that I’ve had for over a year. I’ve suffered from Leaky Gut Syndrome, food sensitivities, candidiasis, chronic fatigue, and pancreatitis for over a year. I am so happy to tell you that I have had a remarkable breakthrough in my chronic illness by incorporating more greens and green juicing in my diet. I have experienced a substantial detoxing effect from incorporating at least 1 green juice a day. In addition to that, I eat a lot of dark, leafy greens. Here is a beautiful salad that I enjoyed today:

Bowl of baby argula
Chopped Organic English cucumber
Chopped Organic fresh Mission Figs (yum!)
Chopped Organic Chives
Lightly Drizzle with Tahini sauce (optional)

I didn’t have any salt or any other spices to this fresh, tasty salad. I simply enjoyed the zesty flavor of the argula, the sweetness of the figs, the crispness of the cucumbers, and the essence of the chives….the way nature intended. I was excited to eat this salad because I know the effects it will have on my body. I will receive the vitamins, nutrients, and living energy from this food, and I am grateful for this! To your wellness and mine…
Lola Jane


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