Reclaiming Health and Leaky Gut – My journey- Lola Jane

I have had Leaky Gut Syndrome for over a year. It has been the hardest year of my life and I was bedridden for some of it. I’ve come a long way, but I still suffer from extensive food sensitivities and fatigue, mostly.

I used to be a runner, was very active, adventurous, and athletic. I earned my black belt in Taekwondo and was training for a marathon.

Since I became very sick about 1 year ago, I’ve been too weak and sick to do much exercise. The most I’ve been able to do is stretching, walking, and light yoga.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some increased energy and clarity after incorporating green juicing into my diet once or twice a day. They have helped with cleansing/elimination, have increased my energy, and seem to provide more mental clarity. I believe they are helping with much needed detoxing that my boy needs on a regular basis with my condition.

Something came over me the other day and I decided to dust off my treadmill and submit to a mere walk to get my body moving. Walking felt very easy so I decided to move up to a brisk walk. That felt very easy as well so I decided to move to a slow jog. Once I realized I was jogging, I became elated with joy! I couldn’t believe it and it didn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. I continued to run a little more, the whole time smiling with the biggest grin of joy! I couldn’t believe what was happening! I was running for the first time in over a year!

As I ran up to a 1/4 mile, I noticed that the skin on my torso, my hips, and upper legs started to itch incredibly and turn red. I couldn’t resist scratching a little. As I continued to run, I could feel this itching sensation grow. I decided to jump off the treadmill and go look in the mirror. My skin was red all over these areas. I’m not sure exactly why I began to itch like that, but my best guess is that my body was flushing toxins. I continued to run about .4 miles and stopped there. I didn’t want to over do it since I hadn’t moved my body, my tendons, my muscles like that in so long. I was gleaming with tears of joy and had pure elation. I felt like the old me!

Now, after a couple of week from that day, my body can handle up to 1 1/4 mile. I’m taking it slow and easy. It feels absolutely amazing! Getting my body moving more than stretching and walking has helped me tremendously. I know that my body is ready for this now because it feels easy and comfortable. I don’t run when I’m feeling sick or very fatigued. I always try to stay kind to my body.

I’m going to continue to listen to my body, jog when it feels good, and drink my beloved green juice smoothies.

Until next time, be kind to yourself, everyone!
Lola Jane