Green Juice- cleansing, satisfying, healing!

Lola Jane here committed to sharing my leaky gut journey with you. I have Leaky gut syndrome and I want to share my journey, both the peaks and valleys, and be a support for anyone else suffering with this condition. Leaky gut sufferers, you are not alone! I hope to mutually support and encourage one another along the way ­čÖé

Green Juicing is the bees nees of cleansing and being kind to a leaky gut body. The raw vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Blending or juicing them will allow the nutrients to be readily available to the body for enhanced absorption. Green juicing gives the digestive track a little break and promotes elimination, which promotes cleansing and detoxing. Cleansing is very important for leaky gut sufferers. We need as much help as we can get since our guts leak toxins into our bodies. Green juicing helps get the bowels moving to help remove some of those toxins from our bodies. Green juicing is easy and it tastes good! I add juice recipes into my daily regime. Candida sufferers would benefit from substituting stevia, sweetlife, or xylitol in place of the dates.


Lola Jane


* I am not a medical professional┬ánor a medical consultant. I have leaky gut and am interested in sharing my journey with you. I hope to be an encouragement and support to others with this condition. Be kind to your body, everyone ­čÖé